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Outside Plant Solutions with OCL

OCL have a very experienced civil section.  We are able to design and implement complete civil works including trenching, duct laying, thrusting and reinstatement of all services both inside and outside boundaries.  OCL are experienced in all types of reinstatement including all types of concrete, cobble, roadway and grass reinstatement.    The OCL civil team are also experienced in the installation of manholes and turning pits if required.

  • Design and Scope of Copper Cable Reticulation Systems
  • Design and Scope of Commercial and Residential Subdivisions
  • Cable Jointing
  • Cable Fault Location – Fibre and Copper cables
  • Residential Line Faults
  • Residential and Business Provisioning
  • Cable Location including x-ray location
  • Installation of Duct Lines and Manholes
  • Trenching, Thrusting and Reinstatement

Fibre Optic Installation      Fibre Optic Installation          Fibre Optic Installation

Single Mode/Multi-mode – OCL have specialists in design and installation of all Single Mode and Multi Mode fibre installations.  OCL have a large quantity of equipment for the termination and testing of both Single Mode and Multi Mode fibre.  OCL offer warranty, “As Built Documentation and test results to our clients as part of our service.

Fault location  – If you have fibre and there is a fault on this fibre – who do you call?  Take a leaf out of Auckland University, Counties Fibre and Watercares book and ring OCL.  We have the skills, resource and equipment to locate you fault and repair the fibre cable.  If the fibre was damaged beyond repair, we have the resource and expertise to replace the cable

Blow in Fibre (blowing)  – This is a specialised area that OCL have invested heavily into purchasing our own Fibre Blowing Machine and compressor.  We are experts in laying blown fibre tube, blowing the fibre and termination of this fibre.  OCL recently completed blowing over 7klms of fibre for Watercare Services in one blow.

Testing – The OCL Fibre Technicians are trained in the use of  CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Sets. The quality of any installation is summarised on the test results.  OCL have the latest testing equipment to provide accurate test results.  All OCL test equipment is regularly tested and is calibrated to manufactures specifications.  All test equipment exceeds Telco (Spark and Vodafone) requirements and certifications.

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