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Health and Safety

As part of our commitment to providing leading-edge telco services, one of our key priorities is to maintain a high standard of health and safety. Here at OCL we have ensured that the delivery of our business solutions comply with the new health and safety legislation and ACC programme requirements. These fall in line with our goal of becoming ACC Tertiary accredited and positioning ourselves as a low risk, self-managing contractor.

Having recognised the need for more effective monitoring and management of  Health and Safety activities we also believe that this increased awareness is pivitol in helping us avoid danger, risk and loss as well as meeting the legal obligations of you, our customers. We a dedicated Saftey Management System, we are now able to assign, track and follow up on all Health and Safety related actions and events – creating a feeling of total transparency to our customers and knowledge and security to our staff.

After careful analysis and consultation with the industry, we have implemented BWare Safety Manager, a safety management software platform, that will help us accomplish our compliance requirements and boost our health and safety performance.  This allows us to be fully ACC auditable and complies with the requirements for tertiary accreditation.

Connectivity – Ability to connect and report incidents in the field via tablet.

Repository – Repository for all incident investigations, JSAs, minutes to meetings, training registers and Hazard registers

Reminders – Reminder for PPE, training and corrective actions

Interface – Dashboards giving us indications on performance

Two dangerous mistakes that many organisations make are(1) Not maintaining an up-to-date or comprehensive Hazard register and (2) Not empowering staff with a systematic process to identify, assess and control workplace hazards. Through the implementation of a Safety Management system, OCL provides its staff with the right tools to almost guarantee the job is done safely as well as allowing them to access, track and control workplace hazards.