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Through Chorus’s “Patch Contractor” Visionstream, OCL provide a wide range of services to Chorus.

OCL are one of the only contractors able to provide a complete “Turn Key” solution in the UFB fibre installation.  OCL have the experience and plant to provide installation of roadside cabinets, ducting, manhole installation, cable hauling, termination and testing of the total solution prior to hand back to Chorus.  As part of these projects, OCL provide Project Management, Site Management and Traffic Management services.  There is extensive “As Built” documentation and test results supplied with these projects along with stringent Health and Safety requirments.  OCL take on the responsibility to submit Traffic Management Plans to Auckland Council and also sign-off the end project with all local body entities.  OCL have completed UFB rollouts covering Drury, Pukekohe and Waiuku.

In addition to this work, OCL also complete Hauling work – having completed over 17klms of Cable hauling in the CBD area of Auckland.  OCL also have outside plant copper cable jointers that are available when required.

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