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IP Office Conferencing

IP Office

Avaya IP Office comes with a 128-party conference bridge to help small businesses collaborate seamlessly and cost-effectively. Businesses currently spending on conference calls with a service provider can reduce or eliminate those costs entirely. IP Office Conferencing employs easy-to-use conference control features to help keep people connected and making decisions faster.

Built-In Conferencing – The 128-party conference bridge (up to 64 parties on a single conference) come standard with IP Office, enabling associates to easily set up conference calls “on the fly”

Reduce monthly costs – Reduce or eliminate ongoing conferencing fees, resulting in a quick ROI for IP Office

Enhance collaboration – Regularly-scheduled conference calls help keep everyone working together efficiently and effectively

Enhanced Control and Capabilities – With IP Office Preferred or Advanced Editions, businesses get added security, control and conferencing power.

Cut travel expenses – Reduce both the expense of travel and the unproductive time spent away from the office

Increase productivity – Shorten project times, speed up decision-making, and be more productive though on-the-fly “meet me” conferencing

Improve Efficiency
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Total Cost Savings


Data Cabling

Blown Fibre Installation

Waiheke School

As part of the schools network upgrade, whereby OCL upgraded the all the schools data cabling.