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Avaya Small Business Phone Systems (for Doctors & Healthcare)

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Avaya Small Business Phone Systems (Healthcare)

  • Keep doctors easily in touch
  • Save time and money
  • Streamline office procedures

Communications that enhance your practice

No profession needs instant, always-on, reliable Small Business Phone Systems more than health care. Doctors and other providers who are on call must be reachable—delays are unacceptable.

Although accessibility is an important function, today’s Small Business Phone Systems can do much more. With health care costs increasingly under scrutiny, the growing emphasis on technology such as electronic medical records, and more competition between provid­ers, investing in the right communica­tions system is a smart business deci­sion. By choosing wisely, health care providers can dramatically simplify office procedures, lower costs and improve patient satisfaction.

Avaya works with health care provid­ers around the world to help them take advantage of the Avaya IP Office Small Business Phone Systems: a single, compact solution that is designed to meet the needs of today’s small and mid-size medical practice.

If you are ready to take advantage of communications to drive up the qual­ity of patient care—while driving down costs—rely on Avaya IP Office to give you the tools you need to succeed.


Record lookups: With IP Office, when a patient calls, a “screen pop” of information can automatically appear. This Small Business Phone Systems ensure your support staff can view detailed patient data and answer routine queries that do not need to involve the doctor—saving everyone time and money: reducing the time wasted on telephone and record lookups by just 30 minutes per day can save over hundreds of hours of labor per year.

Communications for at-home work: Doctors often work from home and many practices today rely on independent contractors and/or have formal work-at-home policies for office staff—it’s a great way to take advantage of qualified, part-time help. Because it is an IP-based system, the Avaya solution makes it easy to set up a home office with an IP phone or a softphone on a PC that delivers all of the call handling capabilities of someone working in the office.

Simplify communications across offices: For practices that have multiple locations, with health care professionals seeing patients in different offices on different days, you can use one IP Office system to handle communications across locations as if they were one. IP Office lets you manage the entire communication system—phone, settings, extension assignments, etc., from one location via a single Windows-based interface. You can also pool call handling resources to enable shorter hold times and more qualified people handling the calls. Also. share your messaging system and company directory across locations.

“Reach me anywhere”: Because healthcare providers are away from their offices so much of the time, reaching them—even with mobile phones—can result in endless rounds of telephone tag and confusion over which number to use. Avaya IP Office can eliminate the problem by having everyone give out just one number—your practice’s main number. When routed to the IP Office extension, it will automatically send that call to the mobile, home, or other phone that person uses. Doctors can screen unimportant calls and also see their voice mail, e-mail and faxes all together. Because all phone contact goes through your main office number—and not personal numbers—it provides a more professional image.

Patient scheduling: IP Office can help your practice maximize its schedule by providing a simple, automatic way of contacting patients and confirming appointments. “No-shows” can result in lost revenue for the practice, as well as delay care to other patients. Even a small reduction in the number of no-shows can generate thousands of dollars in revenue while also freeing up staff who might otherwise make the calls manually. With auto appointment confirmation, IP Office can automatically dial scheduled patients and leave a pre-recorded appointment reminder with the options to confirm, cancel or reschedule

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