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Datacom Project

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The Kapua Data Centre was a new data centre that Datacom built in Hamilton. Datacom engaged OCL to build the base data cabling infrastructure  for them that included:

  • Building a Telco room
  • Building dual pathways from the Telco room to each Data Floor. This included all tray work required, one of the trays was power coated green to meet Datacom’s spec.
  • Running cables from the Telco room to the Data floors for customer Telco feeds
  • Building overhead distrubrition frames on each Data Floor
  • Running both Copper and Fibre cables inter rack as required

Kapua Data Centre


OCL have been involved in work on live Data Floor, this has included changes to the base build tray work. As the Data Floor was live all cutting of tray had to be done outside of the Data Floor, this meant we need to disassemble and remove the base build tray work carry it outside make the required changes and then reinstall  with the newly required changes.   As we had done all the tray work in house to start with these changes and requirements where no problems.