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This is the future of Cloud IP Phone Systems. OCL’s Cloud PBX is an off-site solution hosted in a highly secure Data Centre.  OCL Talk Cloud PBX is a feature rich solution offering features similar to your existing PBX system.  These include Call Record, one phone number, Voicemail, Call Forward Busy etc. Don’t worry about your existing Phone Numbers, we can take these across to the OCL Talk Cloud PBX. OCL Talk Cloud PBX is highly scalable from a 2 extension site through to over 2000 extensions.  These extensions can be in one location or multiple locations throughout New Zealand.  Pick up your extension in one office and call another extension anywhere in New Zealand as if it was next door – for free.

At OCL, we understand a lot of New Zealand business’s run on tight margins.  We have developed plans to be flexible to meet the needs of New Zealand businesses.  As an example OCL can provide lines, tolls and phone on a desk with an Application on your mobile for one monthly fee.  Alternatively, we can provide all the above for a low monthly rental along with free local and national calls. No more surprises when your phone bill arrives. Have access to your own WEB portal to see real time billing and usage. If you already have a Cloud PBX and you are unhappy with the functions and support, do not hesitate to call OCL as we will come and provide advice on a better option for you.  We will also buy out your existing contract if required.


Get greater flexibility, quick deployment, reduced Capex or reduced Opex and more control with OCL Talk Cloud PBX.

OCL Talk Cloud PBX, We've enhanced your business communication
FAX to Email 100%

Incoming only. A service that converts a received fax message/s into a format that can be forwarded to you as an email.

Customized Hold Music: 100%

Your own personalized music file can be uploaded to the cloud.

Conference Room100%

A user can set up a conference room and invite internal and / or external callers to join the conference.

  • DDI & Extension Features

    • Direct Dial In (DDI): A service that allows a caller to bypass the operator and direct dial the required extension within an organisation.
    • Extension: An extension is a phone or internal phone line connected to the hosted telephone system. The extension contains the complete set of features that define the phone’s operation including the extension number.
    • Mobile Extension: A mobile phone may be registered to an extension allowing the mobile phone to place and receive calls through the system.
  • Voicemail Features

    • Voicemail: When an extension activates Voicemail, the call is transferred to a mail box enabling the caller to leave a message. You can personalise your voicemail with your own message and this will be followed by a beep tone. Your voicemail can be retrieved through the phone or at your personal Cloud Factory user portal.
    • Voicemail to Email: Allows you to receive your voicemails as a sound file (.wav) to your email address, you can then retrieve and manage all your voicemails by any email client (PC/Mobile/webmail). Your voicemails will now become part of your main communication stream rather than being held in another independent resource.
    • Message Waiting: A calling feature that illuminates an LED on a message waiting button to notify a telephone user of waiting voicemail or SMS (text from another extension) messages.
    • Auto Attendant or Virtual Receptionist: A feature that allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator/receptionist by choosing from multiple options.

  • Phone & Call Log Features

    • Deskphone Call Log: Users can view a list of incoming, outgoing and missed calls on their deskphone by pressing the log soft key.
    • Call Log via Portal: Each user may log into their own portal web page giving enhanced control and information relating to their extension. This includes a log and detailed summary of their calls.
    • Billing Portal: Allows customers to login and view the current calling spend and call details through a simple and easy to use web interface from anywhere.

  • Calling Features

    • Call Pickup: A feature that enables users in a programmed call pick-up group to answer calls for each other by pressing a pre-programmed button or a special sequence of buttons.
    • Click to Call: Users can generate a call to a company directory contact by selecting the contact entry at the customer user web page.
    • Call Park: A feature that allows a person to put a call on hold at one deskphone and continue the conversation from any other deskphone. The call park feature is activated by pressing a pre-programmed button or a special sequence of buttons.
    • Call Forwarding: A feature that redirects a telephone call to another destination. This can be another extension, a mobile telephone, voicemail box or another telephone number.
    • Hold Music or Music on Hold (MoH): When an incoming call is placed on hold, the system will play audio from a defined MoH source. This lets the caller know that the call is still active.
    • Three Way Call: A feature that allows a combination of internal and/or external parties to be connected in a three way conference call.
    • Caller ID: A service that allows a callers telephone number to be displayed on the LCD screen of the called party. If programmed, a name may be displayed instead of a number
    • Do Not Disturb (DND): A feature that allows a user to reject incoming calls by selecting a feature button or soft key, or entering a code via the deskphone keypad. Once the station is in DND mode, incoming calls are automatically forwarded to another extension, auto attendant or voicemail.
    • Busy Lamp Field (BLF): An LED on the deskphone which notifies you whether another extension within your organisation is busy on a call or not.
  • Group Features

    • Paging Group: Extensions can be grouped to receive paging announcements which are played over the speaker of Cloud Factory Desk Phones.
    • Hunt Group: Calls can be routed to a hunt group, which is programmed to distribute the call based on the group type and settings. For example groups can distribute calls in a circular fashion, by longest idle phone, by first idle phone (list based), or ring all phones in the group (a ring group). Additionally Hunt groups can overflow unanswered calls to a variety of destinations

What can OCL Talk Cloud do for you?

Manage My Calls

Do not disturb, Call Screening, Caller ID Rejection, Pin code authorization, Call pickup, One number, alternate caller ID, voicemail, speed dial, internet voicemail

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Call Centre Reception

Hunt Groups, Call queuing, Reception Console, Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Extension dialing, Geographic Routing, Call Transfer

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Web Conferencing

Web conferencing included with every cloud PBX line, uses your web-browser – no application to download, share documents (PDF and any office document), webcams, chat, and your desktop with conference participants, record and playback your conference.

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Forward My Calls

Call Forward Unavailable, Call Forward Busy, Call Forward Always, Call Forward Unreachable, Simultaneous Ring (to multiple locations i.e Mobile / Home)

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Fax to email, send receive as .tiff or .pdf files, Distribute to multiple email addresses

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Call Centre Reception

Hunt Groups, Call queuing, Reception Console, Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Extension dialing, Geographic Routing, Call Transfer

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