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Why is Fibre Optic Faster

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Fibre optic cabling system is the foundation of every business network in recent times by providing connectivity between servers, computers and devices. Through the help of fibre optics, you can send messages and data from point A to point B. It allows both voice and data to be sent worldwide. Copper wires are previously used to transmit data. However, as technology continues to improve, there is a huge demand to have a faster and more advanced method of transmitting or networking. This is the reason why fibre optic cabling is fast becoming the next generations' standard data cabling. However, before you can fully understand fibre optic cabling, we need to define some important things first. For instance, what is fibre optic cable? What is Fibre Optic Cable? It is a network that contains strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing. They carry communication signals using pulses of light. It has more capacity and is less susceptible to electrical interference compared to copper wire What are Optical Fibre? According to Wikipedia, an optical fibre is a flexible and transparent fiber made from high quality extruded glass, silica or plastic. It is slightly thicker than a human hair and can function as a waveguide or light pipe to transmit data and messages between the two ends of the fibre. Fibre Optics Fibre optics on the other hand is a technology that uses glass or plastic threads to transmit data. It is consists of a bundle of glass threads that are capable of transmitting messages through light waves. It can transmit data digitally, a natural form for computer data, rather than analogically. Now, what is fibre optic cabling? The term is based on optical fibers which are long, flexible, hair-width strands of ultra-pure glass. Optical fibre cable system is used by many companies for its speed and capability to handle large amounts of data. Aside from providing connectivity between several networks or servers, it transmits data securely, meaning no data is lost during the process while minimizing data network problems. With everything been said about optical fibre, it is quite clear that it is more promising compared to copper, especially because it’s very fast. Now that brings us back to the topic of this article, why is fibre optic faster?     Why is Fibre optic faster? Fiber optic cables allow for a faster and clearer transmission of signals. Fiber optics works by transmitting signals through light waves. It is either created from glass or plastic fiber where light passes through. At the end of every fiber optics cable is a transmitter. When information or signals pass through this transmitter, it is converted to a light-emitting diode (LED) that passes through the cable. It also reaches longer distances that can span up to miles, making connection more efficient. Below are reasons why fibre optic is faster than the traditional copper cables:

  • Unlike traditional copper wires that transmit electrical currents, fibre optic transmits pulses of light that are generated by light emitting diodes or laser along optical fibre. That’s one major reason, but there are more.
  • Fibre optic cables have a larger-than-life kind of bandwidth, compared to the traditional copper wire.
  • At very high frequency signals, copper wires will undergo loss of signal strength. However, this isn’t so for fibre optic cables. In fact, they find it convenient to carry much higher frequency ranges.
  • Copper wires are more susceptible to electromagnetic interference; fibre optic technology isn’t as susceptible.
Fibre optic cables will be faster than copper wires any day. With the  few reasons above, I believe you know the right choice to make.

Is VoIP Good For Business

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You may be asking how good VoIP for business, this article will take you by the hand and explain to you whether you should consider VoIP for your business or not. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is changing the way businesses communicate. And with so many VoIP providers now offering a wide selection of call packages for businesses, there's never been a better time for small businesses to embrace this new technology and benefit from cheap calls. The new way to communicate For businesses looking to maintain international links but still save money, business VoIP call plans make good economic sense. There are now several established providers specializing in offering comprehensive call packages for small and medium sized businesses that are specifically designed to give SMEs all the advantages of a system that was originally developed for large, multi-national companies. Companies such as OCL, one of the largest VoIP providers, saw a gap in the business market and, with the advancement of modern telephony technology, realised that it would make perfect sense to develop flexible call packages that would suit numerous businesses. By adopting a business VoIP system, businesses can maintain their communications with international customers and clients and still reduce their call bills by a considerable amount. Some providers offer unlimited free international phone calls to selected destinations, particularly useful if your business has a satellite office in India, for example. What you need to know If you think that your business could benefit from a business VoIP system, there are a few things to consider before you install one. Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP uses the Internet and your broadband connection to make and receive calls. Because it is now possible to link a standard telephone handset to a VoIP system, you won't notice any difference in voice clarity. In fact, it will probably be better than a traditional landline link-up because of the absence of any 'delay' in the time it takes for the voice to travel along the line. What you should consider though, is how you will support your VoIP system in the event of a power failure, so a portable UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system may be a wise investment. You will also need to check that your broadband connection will be able to carry the extra data packets that is the method of calling with VoIP. Check with your Internet service provider that your network's capabilities will be able to run VoIP. With the advent of fibre optics and faster broadband speeds, most businesses now should not have a problem with this issue, but it is still wise to double check. Buying VoIP-adapted phones is no longer a necessity. If you want to carry on using your normal telephones, you can buy simple adapters allowing you to use normal phones on a business VoIP system. The economics of VoIP The fundamental benefit to businesses using business VoIP packages is the cost savings. With some call plans including free unlimited international calls to selected destinations, you can save a considerable portion of your annual communications budget for a small initial investment in the technology. But it doesn't just save you money - it enhances your business reputation too. By switching to VoIP you are showing your business partners that you are serious about embracing the new way of doing business and that you are prepared to invest in new technology to help your business compete on a global stage. That can only help to promote your business in the best possible light, and another very good reason why companies who are serious about doing business would be wise to embrace VoIP. I bet it is clear that VoIP is not only good for businesses. As a businessperson, it is one of the best choices you’ll ever make.

Cloud PBX VS Hosted PBX

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Basically, there is a difference between cloud PBX and hosted PBX: this article will explain the difference and explain how beneficial they both can be to your business. Cloud PBX Cloud-PBX is one of the newest trends in business telephony and is gaining in popularity amongst the business community. Cloud PBX manages your business communication through the internet without you having to worry about maintenance and investment in hardware. The term 'Cloud' simply indicates that the resources, equipment, and technical expertise required for the technology are not physically installed within your business premises. Instead, you receive the service via the Internet by a remote service provider. Cloud PBX for Business allows you to run your business more efficiently through flexible, cost effective voice and advanced unified communications functionality that can be easily scaled up or down, improving your productivity and keeping you in touch with your associates and clients with little or no maintenance. Benefits of Cloud PBX

  • No capital expenditure as there are no upfront costs.
  • Relocation has become a lot easier as you can retain your number.
  • For optimum quality of voice, voice is converged, assured or lines are leased.
  • Business can be moved as this technology is cloud based and not a physical system.
  • Hot desktop supported by use of landlines and mobile.
  • Stay up-to-date always by upgrading to the latest software.
  • For compliance with PCI, options for call recording include 'on demand'.
  • Easy up gradation of hosted technologies, according to the needs of the business with flexibility for up or downsizing.
  • Calls can be made and taken anywhere and on which ever device.
  • As it is resilient, it supports your strategy of business continuity.
  • Can be managed by internal teams easily, even with a tablet.
  • Ideal for operations in various sites.
Hosted PBX Hosted PBX is a visual phone, which comes with enormous features clubbed together in order to perform successful and non-tangible business. It has many superior and helpful features for businessmen like automatic voice call facility, call forwarding and diverting options, caller id tool, toll free enhancement, auto answer and divert, multiple voice mailboxes, complete overview of the system through a single window over web access and easy setting options. Benefits of Hosted PBX Basically the most important benefit of hosted PBX is considered to be its no labor policy. There is no need of any receptionist to attend and transfer our calls, no separate customer care executive to attend to product feedback and no maintenance or repair work needed. Once installed, it can all be made into your own control which is quiet manageable and gives you the ease of knowing all the company happenings directly and genuinely. Hosted PBX is definitely a centralized intelligence service, which allows your employees or consumers to be hooked up to you through the always-accessible option we provide them through it. Toll free number can be easily associated with the help of hosted PBX where our customer feed can increase to more than 30% than earlier. And 800 number services, apart from being a medium of getting feed back through customers also hikes the company's or firm's impression among public. We can also organize our voice mail in such a way to direct the callers to different category of options and help them identify their purpose of call and post their queries, service requirement or comment under the relevant option. So that it is a better way for us to organize our calls and also makes us boosts the impression of the firm by exhibiting so many divisions in it. The call forwarding option while pre-set helps us to be accessible where ever we are, which means a lot, for not missing any of our big business deals by assuring all time availability despite of the fact where ever we are. It is clubbed with several other such additional features like voice mail system, multiple voice mail options, out-going voicemail messages and through setting up our call forwarding numbers along with message delivery. With the possibility of web access all these process gets even more simpler through our 'view and control' over the entire summary of our incoming and out-going communications in business including local, long-distance and broadband through a single window. And the setting for all branches of hosted PBX service is available in our fingertip. The applications are in short endless Which is Better: Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX? Well, it all depends on the nature of your business, its size and your budget. If you can take your time to really consider these things, you will definitely know which choice to make. However, they are both beneficial to your business.